I really enjoyed Tsuyama, I thought it was very fun to see everyone.

I also thought Tsuyama was very beautiful, and there were many interesting places to see, such as the old buildings.

Everyone we spoke to were really friendly and helpful.

Lastly the Ryokan and izakaya were amazing, fun, and a fantastic cultural experience.


I would very much like to return to Tsuyama again! I can't wait for an opportunity to see it again.

I had a great time and I am realy thankfull for have been invited.
Not only I enjoyed the cakes (which were really good and sofisticated), but I also liked Tsuyama; really a lot.
The city is old in a nice way, it seems come out from a movie. Visiting Tsuyama was like as I imagined Japan from books.

During the Sunday tour the thing I liked best was the "Kajimura residence": it is very well kept, and of course the design of the building is amazing: simple but balanced, so perfect. And the garden was as enjoyable. it seemed grown by accident as wilde nature but at the same time very tidy.

One more thing I want to mention is that I loved being in a ryokan for the night: it has been interesting and it is a place that feels much more homey than usually hotels do.

You and your students have been so patient, and I appreciated so much your kindness. I have a genuine good memory of this weekend, thank you very much for this opportunity.

Sorry for writing in English, but sensations are difficult to explain, in any language (especially in Japanese because I'm not so confident with it).

Thank you and take care

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